Start/End point

Please enter the start point (the one where the valve has a green light) and the end point (where the cannister is).


Possible Routes

  • Route: dept (2) => barracks (3) => dragon (1) => supply (3) => tank (3) => armory
  • Route: dept (3) => dragon (3) => barracks (2) => tank (2) => supply (2) => armory

So what exactly do these results mean?

The results here can be hard to explain but for example say the result was tank (1) => barracks (3) => dragon (1) => supply (2) => armory (3) => dept. This would mean I have to set the tank valve to 1, the barracks valve to 3 and so on. The numbers in the brackets are what you should set each valve to. Still unsure? watch this video.

Thank you to jedixking98 on reddit for his video and also a big thank you to AbsoluteTravesty for his list of combinations aswell.

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